Here are SIX golden recommendations to consider before starting house exterior paint

Is your home new or will it receive a facade renovation? That means it is almost time to choose colors for the outdoor area. Such a process may seem simple, but it requires some care. In this context, some tricks help people in moments of doubt. If you are going through this and you are not sure about the ideal tone, you want to know how to choose exterior paint colors for your house, you will like the suggestions we prepared.

Look at other houses

Before betting on personal taste, make an analysis of different shades applied to external surfaces. For this, you can take a walk in the streets and observe which nuances predominate in the constructions. Do most of them feature painting in pastel tones or do they bring cheerful and flashy options? Which of the solutions do you think really add value or are interesting? This initial analysis will define what type of coverage is right to you.

Think about add-ons

Details such as frames, opening closures, chimneys (fireplace, barbecue or oven) and roof are part of the composition of the outdoor area. Therefore, they must be considered when choosing the colors of the facade. If you want a contrasting effect, you can bet on yellow paint to contrast dark brown details. If you prefer monochrome, you should follow a color chart similar to that found in the house accessories. A great way to harmonize the walls with what already exists in the building is to cover them with wood or stone coatings.

Evaluate the characteristics of the surroundings

Some houses have a garden equipped with a swimming pool, flowerbeds, and playground and leisure spaces. The more elements composing the external area, the more careful you should be in choosing colors. Variations of green, brown, terracotta and beige are great options because they integrate with the vegetation commonly found in the backyards of homes.

Consider the incidence of light

The incidence of sunlight is an important factor when combining colors for the outdoor area. After all, uncovered surfaces tend to suffer from heat and the constant action of the sun’s rays. Because of this, keep in mind that dark, vibrant colors tend to fade faster when compared to light. Repainting every three or five years can solve the problem. To avoid problems, download Foyr Neo 3D design software, and observe how your idea looks in 3D.

Get inspired by trends

Those who like to keep up with the latest in the architecture and design market can take advantage of trends when designing outdoor areas. This requires a bit of daring, as many shades have an impact at first glance.

Take care of the finish

One factor that interferes with the aesthetic result of the painting is the quality of the chosen product. Therefore, if you want a colorful and well-maintained outdoor area, you need to invest in paints suitable for this environment. The acrylic version provides high waterproofing and three types of finishes – matte, semi-gloss, and satin. It is essential to choose resistant, waterproof products that offer varied aesthetic options, such as ceramics and porcelain tiles.