How to Maximize Kitchen Space – 15 Ideas

How to Maximize Kitchen Space – 15 Ideas

Have you ever wished to upgrade your small kitchen into a larger one with more counter space, additional cabinets, and dedicated pantry shelves designed according to your tastes? Doesn’t this sound out of reach and costly? You don’t need to spend a fortune on a kitchen renovation. Instead, you can maximize your kitchen space.

A new kitchen may be your dream, but you might not need one that’s so large. A small kitchen can be very functional and easy to use if you’re organized. Whether you have a large or small kitchen, you’ll need to maximize your space.

This week, set aside some time for a budget-friendly kitchen renovation. Use these tips and products to maximize storage in your kitchen.

How to maximize your kitchen space?

  1. Add a lazy Susan to your fridge for easy access, and use shelf risers to maximize the vertical space.
  2. To organize pantry items, line up bins, glass containers, and baskets that match. Remove packaged food from cardboard boxes to save space.
  3. Install a pot rack on the wall or use pot hooks on the ceiling for frequently used pots.
  4. Maximize space in your drawers or cabinets by using nesting bowls that can be stacked. The space taken up by items that do not nest is excessive.
  5. Hang open shelves in your pantry or kitchen to maximize available vertical space.
  6. Add wire racks over the door to store extra pantry items and cans.
  7. Utilize risers in kitchen cabinets to maximize space.
  8. Expand your counter space by adding a freestanding rolling island or kitchen cart with a drop leaf surface. Install hooks or a towel rod on the side of your counter for additional storage.
  9. Utilize the backs and sides of cabinets by adding over-the-cabinet organizers, painting them with chalkboard paint for grocery lists, or hanging a corkboard for recipes. Attach magnetized spice holders and magnetic boards to cabinet doors.
  10. To free up space in a drawer or on a counter, mount a magnetic knife holder on the wall.
  11. Organize the space below the sink by using rolling storage drawers or risers. A lazy Susan can also be used to store cleaning supplies.
  12. To free up space in your drawers, place a crock near the stove for all your kitchen tools.
  13. Use baskets to store items you don’t frequently use, such as cookie cutters or turkey pans.
  14. Make it a habit to clean the sink every day. The sink is a clutter-prone area in your kitchen and can attract pests. A clean and organized kitchen will make it feel more spacious!
  15. Last but not least, reduce the number of items you own and keep only what you need. Remove small appliances you don’t use often (either give them away, sell them, or store them). Get rid of anything that doesn’t work or is no longer useful. Keep only your favorite dishes and utensils.

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