Key Things To Check When Looking For A Rented Home  

Is one considering relocating to a new city for educational or work purposes? Whatever the reason is, finding the rental homes in Oregon city and selecting the perfect one can be a cumbersome process but not if one knows the tips to find the same. Roughly one-third of Americans prefer renting a home due to budget-friendly accommodation options. This article comprises key things that an individual should check when looking for a rented home. 

  • Research well the area

Whenever looking for rental homes in oregon city, consider shortlisting the areas having accommodation space providing proximity to the college or workplace, especially when the budget is low. Considering this point can help one save the travelling expenditure and also commuting time. However, the proximity of the neighborhood should not be the only factor to check. In addition to this, check if the locality is equipped with well functional social infrastructure as it could affect the daily routine operations. Not only this but also check if the area has enough CCTV cameras and security guards to ensure the safety of the belongings when not at home. 

  • Physical inspection of the home:

Before finalizing a home consider visiting the place. In case one is shifting to a fully furnished home then check the condition of all the goods that are being provided by the owner. Make sure that electrical, plumbing, and sanitary fittings are in working condition and not damaged. Run all taps and switch on all lights and note the readings of the meter to check the accuracy of the bills. It is advisable to always check the doors, windows, and locks to ensure safety at the home. 

  • Know the rights

A limited number of rights over the rented home are provided to the tenant by the lease agreement. Knowing about these rights beforehand can smoothen the living experience at the rented home. For instance, the owner does not have the right to interfere in the personal life of the tenant and thus, can’t restrict any visitor from visiting his or her home. Also, the owner doesn’t have the right to ask the tenant to leave the home until the termination of the rental agreement. 

  • Consider the overall cost

A tenant is not just required to pay for the monthly rent when shifting to a rented home. There are many other expenses like security deposit, maintenance charges, broker’s fee, etc are to be paid by the individual. Such expenses may vary according to the type of house that is being rented by the tenant. When preparing the budget it is recommended to consider all these costs and then start looking for homes, accordingly. 


Needless to say, searching for a rental home can be mind-blogging and time-consuming. An individual must look for ways to make the home rental search smarter and more efficient. It is with the above-listed considerations that one can easily look for the rental homes in oregon city and choose the perfect one.