4 Tips for Updating Your Bathroom Space

If your bathroom space is feeling dated, you might be looking to update or renovate. Fortunately, there are plenty of showrooms and online retailers that sell bathroom accessories in Melbourne. While you may be tempted to splurge on the latest fixtures and fittings, by keeping a few things in mind, you can renovate your bathroom efficiently and cost-effectively. Read on to discover four helpful tips for updating your bathroom. 

Address Major Repairs First

If this is the first time you’ve updated or renovated your bathroom, it’s likely gone through a decent amount of wear and tear over the years. As such, there may be a few important fittings or accessories you’ll need to repair in order to maximise functionality. 

If you’ve already started looking at bathroom accessories in Melbourne, it might be smarter to first address any major repair concerns that may need to be tended to before you get on with the fun job of upgrading your bathroom’s aesthetic elements. Be mindful of things like the flooring, faucet failures or any leaking pipes in your bathroom. Getting these major repairs out of the way as soon as possible will make the process of transforming the visual elements of your bathroom virtually hassle-free.

Distinguish Between Needs and Wants

If you’re shopping for new bathroom accessories in Melbourne, it can be easy to get carried away and end up with a massive list of products on your wish list, some of which may not even end up getting used in the final renovation. This is why distinguishing between what is a “must-have” and what is a “nice to have” when upgrading your bathroom is crucial. You’ll be able to quickly curate which products you need by focusing on the bare necessities first. The added benefit is that this process will tame your budget at the same time, meaning you’ll be able to see right away whether or not you can stretch for a few of your “wants” or perhaps even need to rethink the renovation project altogether. 

Focus On Lighting

While upgrading your bathroom lighting is an easy way to achieve your desired ambience and atmosphere, it’s also important for functionality. In order to accurately assess your aesthetic appearance as well as skin health, you’ll need adequate lighting in your bathroom. A great cost-effective way to achieve this is by installing a backlight on your bathroom mirror.

If creating a certain mood is more of your priority, then the installation of a dimmer switch is not only low-cost and easy to do, but means you’ll be able to adapt the atmosphere of the bathroom to any new designs or colours you introduce to the space in the future. 

Have Fun

While bathroom renovations can be stressful and time-consuming, updating your bathroom should also be a fun bonding experience for you and your family. When you’re shopping for new bathroom accessories, try to keep the sense of fun alive by entertaining colour and texture ideas you wouldn’t normally go for. And while handling a lot of the renovations yourself is a great way to keep costs down, it’s also a way you can get everyone involved and share in the experience. There are always plenty of small jobs to do, such as painting, that don’t require a trade qualification.