How To Choose Solar Panel Installers

The most difficult part of the solar buying process is choosing the right installer. It is important to thoroughly evaluate any solar installer to ensure that you choose the best one for your needs. How do you pick from the hundreds of solar companies in your area? Let’s first look at the types of solar companies you might come across on your “going solar” journey.

There are many types of solar companies:

Solar Equipment Manufacturers

Manufacturers produce the equipment needed to install a Solar PV system in your home or business. They produce the solar panels and other equipment needed for solar installers to sell to customers.

Solar installers

You will most likely interact with solar installers when you go solar. Installers of solar panels purchase the necessary components from manufacturers to install your panels. The equipment will be installed by their team of experts on your roof or at your business. They also install the photovoltaic panels made by the manufacturers.

Installers will conduct a site inspection to inspect your roof and make any measurements before installing solar panels. Installers will also assess your installation to determine if it requires special considerations.

Solar Financing Companies

A solar financing company focuses solely on providing finance for solar equipment and installation. It is often partnered with solar dealers or solar installers.

Solar Lead Generation Companies

Lead generation companies are focused on generating leads and selling to other types of companies in the solar power sector. They create contracts that are then sold to dealers, installers, and other full-service providers.

Solar Dealers

Dealers are those who have been granted permission to sell specific manufacturers’ solar products. Some dealers have their own installation crew, while others outsource to third-party installers.

Full-service Providers

Full-service providers provide everything you need to get your solar system up and running, other than manufacturing the equipment. They can sell the panels and other equipment, finance it, and even do the installation.

Vertically-integrated Companies

Vertically-integrated companies take care of every single aspect of your solar process- from manufacturing the panels to installing them on your roof.

It is often difficult to find reviews of solar companies that use standard metrics. There are many solar companies that have experienced and well-trained staff. This step-by-step guide will help you choose the best solar provider for you.

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