Pre-Move Checklist

It is never too early to start planning for a move. It can make moving less stressful if you organize the tasks into weekly to-do lists.

This checklist will assist you in preparing for your move. It includes a timeline with moving tips and checklists that will help you get organized.

A Month Before The Move

  • Get a moving company ready for you when you move. Your movers will also be able to pack your apartment or house for you if you require packing assistance.
  • Clean out your closets, garage, and attic.
  • You can either hold a garage sale or give your unwanted items to charity.
  • You can get a change of address cards at your local post office, or you can change your address online.

A Week Before The Move

  • You can make a ” Survival closet” with all the things you need to clean up and snacks for the final day.
  • Label all moving boxes you pack if you are packing yourself. To ensure that your moving boxes arrive at the correct place in your new home, write the destination room on both the sides and top of each box.
  • You must schedule disconnections for utilities like gas, electricity, and water. Also, remember to schedule connections for the new residence.
  • You can cancel newspapers, Internet, cable TV, security, and all other services that you receive.

Day Of Pasta

  • Clear your driveway of any objects to make it easier for movers to navigate.
  • For those rare occasions when you can’t unpack right away, pack your bag and the day of the move.
  • You should be present at the arrival of the movers so they can show you around the house and you can tell them what you need.
  • After all your belongings have been loaded onto the truck, make sure you do a final walk-through to lock all outside doors and windows.

Being organized is key to a smooth move. Your move will go smoothly if you plan everything before the big day.

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