A Beginner’s Guide to Chimney Maintenance

During the winters, a fireplace offers a warm, cozy embrace. Sitting next to it can be a beautiful experience. But if you have a working fireplace installed at your house, there must also be a working chimney. A chimney is not only an essential part of the fireplace, but it becomes an important part of the roof when installed. The additional curb appeal is a cherry on top. 

Understanding a Chimney

There are a lot of parts that are put together to build a complete chimney. Understanding the mechanism of each part is important, so you know how to care for it.

  • Chimney Cap: A chimney cap sits right on top of your chimney. It prevents debris, dust, tree twigs, leaves, cold air drafts, animals, and birds from entering your house through the chimney. During monsoon, it also prevents water from directly pouring into your chimney. 
  • Chimney Flashing and Crown: Chimney flashing surrounds the part where your chimney meets the roof. After heavy rainfall, the water pools around the chimney. Chimney flashing prevents that water from entering your house. It’s usually made up of copper, so it does a good at keeping the water away. 
  • Chimney Liners: Chimney liners are usually placed along the chimney flue. They provide a passageway for the smoke and fumes from the fireplace to safely escape your house. They prevent creosote buildup and other toxic waste from direct contact with the masonry of your chimney. 
  • Chimney Dampers: Chimney dampers are either placed at the bottom or top of the chimney. Their sole purpose is to provide proper ventilation when the fireplace is burning and prevent drafts of cold air from entering your house when it’s not burning. Smoke dampers placed at the top of the chimneys are usually preferred. Because if you don’t have a chimney cap, they work as one for you. The smoke dampers can become rustic sometimes, creating problems in closing and opening. That will stand to be an issue. 
  • The bricks: The chimney’s masonry is the most essential part since it lays the foundation for every other part. If the masonry is somehow damaged or chipped around the edges, it can create severe water leakage problems 

Maintaining Your Chimney

Chimney sweeps advise that you inspect and clean your chimney at least once a year. Summer is the best time for a chimney cleaning service. Cleaning up is easy since fireplaces are not in use. A well-maintained chimney prevents the risk of potential chimney fires as well.

If you use your fireplaces frequently, then you should definitely get your chimney cleaned once in a while. Fumes and toxic buildup from the fireplace can damage the chimney’s structural integrity if it’s not cleaned properly. You will then have to go for restoration and replacement services. To avoid that, regular cleanup is a good idea. 

Install Chimney Caps

Even though they may seem only a luxurious addition to the chimney, they play an important part in securing it. Most times, birds can build their nests inside the chimney to lay eggs since it presents such perfect living conditions. Chimney caps keep the chimney covered and stop birds or small animals from entering it. It also prevents water from directly pouring into the chimney. 

Repair the Chimney Flashing

Stagnant water around the chimney flashing after heavy rainfall can easily seep through if your chimney’s flashing is damaged or chipped around the edges. Discoloration around the corner of your walls and stains on your ceiling are the signs of water damage. Regular maintenance will include repairing any such damage that’s causing water leakage issues. 

Install Proper Chimney Liners

It can be easy to neglect chimney liners since their work is not apparent. But it has one of the most important functionalities in a chimney. It leads the fumes and toxic gases from your fireplace up and lets them escape through the chimney. If there isn’t a proper passageway for the smoke to pass, there’s a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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