A Guide to Santa Monica Real Estate 

Santa Monica has a hometown ambiance due to its stylish and beautiful beachfront environment. The long stretch of beaches provides scenic views, breathtaking blue waters, and fresh-air breezes that blend well with family living. Besides a waterfront vibe, Santa Monica has unique neighborhoods with vast housing options to cater to the needs of different homeowners. The City’s vibrant entertainment and nightlife also boost the value of homes for sale in Santa Monica. This handy guide will dive deeper into factors that heighten Santa Monica real estate status for families and young professionals.   

Desirable Neighborhoods

Santa Monica presents an array of neighborhoods offering an impeccable suburban living environment. These hoods have busy streets with buzzing shopping stores, dining areas, parks, and other numerous amenities. Santa Monica suits different homeowners’ preferences as these neighborhoods have varying features and housing needs. The most prominent neighborhoods in Santa Monica include Ocean Park, North of Montana, Pico District, Sunset Park, Northwest Santa Monica, and Mid-City Santa Monica.

A Tech City 

Santa Monica is a hot spot for dozens of tech companies that have contributed to a thriving economy. These tech companies present many operations in the city, like insurance, automotive, marketing, innovations, and clean energy, to name a few. You will also find recognized tech companies in Santa Monica, like Bird, Snapchat, and Hulu, that attract tech enthusiasts worldwide. This has improved the job market and the value of homes for sale in Santa Monica.

Beachfront Environment 

The city has some of the most highly-rated California State beaches, attracting a whopping number of tourists yearly. These beaches present an array of activities as they have a long stretch, over 3.5 miles long. For example, the Santa Monica Pier beach has numerous features like the Ferris wheel, aquarium, and parks. These beaches have exciting features like waterfront boutiques, playgrounds, and mansions for sale. Santa Monica beaches also have shops, hotels, and resorts accessible by foot, providing a unique beach experience.

Top-Notch Amenities

Santa Monica is one of the most desirable areas in Southern Florida due to its top-notch amenities. There are reliable public transport services available by train and bus. The Santa Monica Municipal Airport also supports aircraft transport. The city has four farmers markets that have received massive appreciation for their fresh farm produce.

These include Saturday Markets, Ocean Park Sunday Market, Pico Farmers Market, and Downtown Santa Monica Wednesday. You will also find a public library with other branches in various parts of the city. Such amenities have contributed to the livability of Santa Monica real estate properties.

Explore Homes for Sale in Santa Monica 

Santa Monica is one of the most desirable places to live in the country due to its beach environment with a plethora of outdoor features. Additionally, the city has many quality amenities like transport systems, public libraries, and farmers’ markets. Santa Monica is home to dozens of tech companies that have revolutionized the city’s economy. If you are looking for homes for sale in Santa Monica, reach out to Santa Monica real estate agent Susan Coletti for top-tier housing deals.