A Look At The Different Rug Styles To Decorate Your Home

When we are setting up our homes, we give extra attention to all the details and aesthetics. We try our best to alleviate the space with all things comfortable and attractive to make it livable. There are so many things that can add a charm to your space, out of which rugs hold a different position. Rugs can totally change the ambience of your home. Be it traditional, contemporary or transitional, these pieces can perfectly up your home styling game. 

Since there are rugs for every taste and style, this blog highlights the different rug styles that you can incorporate in your interior design.

Traditional rugs

These are the most aesthetically pleasing rugs that you would ever have for your interiors. Inspired from the Oriental and the Persian patterns from European and Victorian styles, these rugs are the modern-day representation of any home. They are available in different classical patterns and color palette to suit different tastes. The most appealing intricate patterns that are popular with homeowners are the floral arrangements, central medallions, and diamond or octagonal shapes. You can choose some rich colors like maroon, deep sage, warm beige, and navy to amp up your interiors.

Contemporary rugs

Contemporary rugs in today’s time cover a very wide range of colors and designs. The main attraction of these rugs are the abstract designs which can be customized in multiple ways. The best rug designs are inspired from modern art and architecture and have free-forms of elements. The owners reflect their self-expression through these rugs. You can design your home in retro patterns or can even involve geometric designs in it as part of customization. Make a style statement with your rugs by picking bolder shades and daring contrasts. And, the best part, you can get these rugs in both natural as well as the synthetic fibers so you can make a choice accordingly.

Transitional rugs

This is the category of rugs that most people tend to get confused with. Transitional rugs are the best combination of both traditional and contemporary rugs and you can see its amazing features once you get them. Its designs are crafted in such a way that it becomes both trendy and rustic, boasting cutting-edge style with a difference.

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