Exploring Mar Vista’s Luxury Real Estate For Lavish Living

Are you looking for a luxury home in Los Angeles? The Mar Vista homes sell at a median price of about $2.2 million. They are perfect for aspiring homeowners looking for urban conveniences in a serene and quiet neighborhood. Located between Culver City and Santa Monica, the neighborhood sits near the Pacific Coast beaches, and thanks to its low population, the area is great for retirees and working families looking for a peaceful neighborhood. Even better, the community is dog-friendly, and the shopping centers are within walking distance.

Explore the Flat Land of Mar Vista and Pick a Perfect Home for your Family

Most of the homes in Mar Vista are on flat land. You will enjoy breathtaking ocean vistas if you can find a home on the hilly side. With more than 26,000 homes in both contemporary and classic styles, you will find something suitable for your family. You will find several homes in mid-century modern styles, which shows the history of a community that started in 1927. Homes range from simple rental spaces to luxury golf estates for homeowners looking for luxury. You will easily find your way from the neighborhood to any other part of Los Angeles.

From Mar Vista, you are only a few minutes from Venice Beach and Santa Monica Airport. If you travel a lot for work or vacation, you will have access to more than 30 airlines that fly in and out of the airport.

What Amenities Does Mar Vista Offer?

Residents of Mar Vista have access to several schools, and kids can attend Santa Monica College. The Museum of Jurassic Technology is accessible to those who want to learn about culture and history, while the Wende Museum teaches people about the Cold War. The neighborhood also has a Whole Foods store, Mar Vista Art Walk, restaurants, and several shops for the residents.

If you love the outdoors, Mar Vista is full of green spaces, with Penmar Park and Clover Park short distances from the neighborhood. Better still, there is a community center where residents can play soccer, baseball, volleyball, basketball, and even swim.

The entertainment industry is well-developed for aspiring homeowners who need a vibrant nightlife for fun weekends. 

Pick the Best Neighborhood

There are many homes for sale in Mar Vista. Take your time to pick the best location for a home. The transformation of Mar Vista in the 1950s resulted in various fascinating architectural styles. If you are looking for single-family houses in a suburban area, check out the northern part of the neighborhood. Homes here have evolved from simple houses to the most sought-after luxury homes. Regardless of the kind of home you are looking for, there is something for everyone at Mar Vista.

Buying a home in Mar Vista is simple – research for the best location and work with a reliable real estate agent. Campbell Wellman can help you navigate the home-buying process in Mar Vista. Explore the many homes online, tour the neighborhood, and start the purchase process today with Wellman.