Transforming Your Kitchen into a Social Space: What Features to Prioritise?

Before, kitchens are only meant for cooking and eating. But today, a lot of families choose to have kitchens that serve several purposes. Generally, an increasing number of homes embrace more functional, flexible spaces rather than devoting certain household activities to specific rooms. 

An experienced renovation professional can create RêveCuisine custom kitchen design to transform your kitchen into a space where you can do more than just cook. Often, people congregate in the most interesting part of the house and this could be the kitchen. If you are looking to make your kitchen a social space, you should consider having the following features:

A Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can bring a social atmosphere to your kitchen because it can serve as the room’s focal point. Also, it is great for storage because it usually has plenty of departments where you can keep your kitchen items. Also, a kitchen island can look stylish in your kitchen and is quite manageable when it’s built with a wipe-down worktop surface like granite. 


You need to be comfortable in your kitchen. You want to have a place for visitors to sit. There are many ways to incorporate seating areas into the kitchen such as through a set of chairs, soft furnishings, and a bench. If you have an open-plan kitchen with big window spaces, consider a built-in bench. This gives a focal point where your loved ones or guests can enjoy the view outside. Also, you can invest in bi-folding doors as they open up space and makes it possible to have more outdoor seating arrangements. 

Clutter-Free Cooking Area

When you use a social kitchen, you still have to cook. Perhaps you will prepare more snacks or the main meal. But it can be difficult to get things out of the oven when there are many people in front of it. You do not have to get frustrated. Instead, you can design the kitchen to ensure the cooking area is free. For this, you should apply the kitchen triangle design to ensure you can easily reach everything. Then, the social area is only outside the triangle, which lets you easily socialise and cook. 

Optimised Storage Space

Your social kitchen needs to look stunning. To achieve this, you don’t your cabinets to be piled high with clutter.  Optimising your storage space will keep the counters clean. Although you can purchase organisers, a renovation contractor can design custom cabinets that meet your storage needs.