What Should You Know About Continuous Flight Auger Piling?

The continuous flight auger (CFA) piling is also termed auger cast piles. They are also known as augured cast-in-place piles. CFA piles also have screw piles, drilled displacement and auger-pressure grout piles. The piling contractors offer CFA piles as the most low-cost, fast and lesser noise solutions for high to medium structure construction piles.

Where Can One Use The CFA Piles Process?

The continuous flight auger (CFA) pile construction option eliminates the requirement to employ both casings and support fluid in soils with water-bearing capacity, cohesive and non-cohesive soils. One can use the CFA piles in environmentally-sensitive areas.

What Kind Of Drilled Foundation Is CFA Piling?

CFA piling is one such drilled foundation where the piling contractors perform continuous pile drilling in its last depth with the help of a continuous flight augur. While the piling contractors drill the augur into the ground. The augur flights are soil filled which offers hole stability and later support.

 Simultaneously, the contractors withdraw the augurs from grout, concrete or even hole through concrete pumping or grout mixing with the help of the augur pipe’s hollow centre to the foundation. After the augur is removed, the grout or the concrete mixture is placed. The hole is after that, never unsupported or left open for long.

What Is The Construction Procedure?

  • Expandable caps are fitted into the augur’s digging head.
  • The piling contractors screw the augur into the ground to the needed depth.
  • Once the contractors achieve the pile toe level, they use the hollow stem to pump the concrete for cavity filling with augur extraction. Simultaneous concrete pumping and augur withdrawing offer constant hole support.
  • After the concreting, the piling contractors install the reinforcement steel cage in the fluid concrete right after augur withdrawal. CFA piles get rid of cut-offs and splices.

The reinforcement insertion in the concrete-filled bore makes the CFA piles different from the situ piles cast. Standard reinforcement cages are those with 12 meters lengths. However, you can always install greater lengths with the help of cage vibrators.

What Are The Perks Of CFA Piles?

  • The CONTINUOUS FLIGHT AUGER (CFA) PILINGconstruction is done without any production of excessive noise and vibration.
  • The CFA pile installation is faster than other piles.
  • They don’t need a temporary casing in uneven soils.
  • Since the used rigs are powerful, it saves foundation construction time.
  • The process is budget-friendly if you use the same on a large scale.
  • They are great for a broader range of risky ground conditions.
  • You can adapt the piling rigs to operate in unstable conditions with restricted space and low headroom.

What Are The CFA Piles Applications?

The Continuous flight auger (CFA) piles are used in unstable soil and places with higher groundwater table levels. You can terminate these piles in soft rock, granular soils and clays. You can even take them to hard loan-withstanding strata. The piling contractors can use the PFA files for multi-story structures or places which restrict the use of noisy pile installation.

The continuous augur (CFA) piling is the best option for projects where installation speed matters. It is also the best option when there is a requirement for bulk pile numbers, batter piles, and embankments supported with piles.