Top Rated Simple Steps To Have A Blockage-Free Home

A clean drainage system is one of the essential parts of a peaceful home. Imagining your sinks full of drainage water with a foul smell is a nightmare. We cannot even imagine such a thing. It is always wise to keep the drainage system up to date. You should act immediately and call the drainage company Sittingbourne.

Unblock drains Sittingbourne will find the root cause of blocked drains and clean your home. You can also clean your gutters by yourself. Professionals say you should call a drainage company Sittingbourne if the situation goes out of control.

Are You Experiencing These Things?

You may have a blocked drainage pipe if you experience any of the following:

Unusual Smell-

The primary sign of a damaged drainage system is a foul smell. You will feel that you have forgotten to flush in the bathroom or food is left in the sink.

Gurgling Sounds-

Unusual sound while water flowing shows something is wrong with water seepage. The water might pool somewhere instead of going away.

The Slow Draining Of Water-

Situation may worsen further if you find water draining slower than usual.

Water Overflow-

If water is coming reverse, you have a blocked drain.

Did You Know What Causes Blocked Drains?

Drainage Company Sittingbourne professionals say you can stop blockage if you know its root cause.  Sometimes, a small cut in your drainage pipe lets tree roots enter the drainage system. As the drainage pipe has moisture, tree roots grow, causing blocked drains.

Food debris in the pipe cause blocked drains. Sometimes unknowingly, food particles enter the drain by us while washing utensils or for other reasons. Toiletries and other foreign particles flushed in the toilet may cause blocked drains. It would be best if you threw these things into the dustbin only. Even oil is not the thing to throw away in the sink.

Oil is not as mobile as water. Also, if food debris is already available in the drain pipe, the oil will get mixed, causing blocked drainage. The most typical reasons for unblocked drains are food debris and oil, say professionals at drainage company Sittingbourne.

Simple Tips For Cleaning The Blocked Drains

Before calling any drainage company Sittingbourne, you should try clearing it yourself using the following things:

  1. Pouring hot water in the drain pipe is the first thing you should do if you find a minor blockage.
  2. Add caustic soda and vinegar to the hot water and pour it into the sink if normal hot water does not work.
  3. Try using a plunger. It creates a vacuum and removes the blockage.

If all this won’t work, call drainage company Sittingbourne. The professionals will help you with the following things.

  1. Unblock drains Sittingbourne will primarily use plumber’s drains snake to find out the reason and exact block locations.
  2. Another way to clean blockage by Unblock drains Sittingbourne is hydro jet. It uses sharp and speedy water bursts to remove the blockage.
  3. If the blockage is severe, Unblock drains Sittingbourne will suggest that you excavate the drainpipe. It is the last option used by any unblocking company.